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What is Pilates?

Before I go into what Pilates exactly is, I must explain to you what it isn’t!

Pilates isn’t easy
If Pilates is easy then it’s because you not doing the exercises correctly in terms of breathing and mind muscle connection. The exercises engage the the core muscles, you need to understand how to use them properly to get the right benefits from it

Pilates is like Yoga
Yoga and Pilates have different breathing styles and utilize different exercises.

So what IS Pilates exactly?

Pilates works for your abdominals and more!
Joseph Pilates always emphasized that his exercises is for the whole body. He believed the more muscles you use to perform a movement the more efficient the movement will be. The Pilates system teaches a balance of strength and flexibility

Pilates is NOT only for flexible people!
The exercises are created to improve flexibility for a more limber body with a greater range of motion. People who are overly flexible the exercises creates joint stability so the goal is to strengthen and be flexible

Pilates is NOT only for women!
Pilates was originally designed by Joseph Pilates for men! Surprise, surprise! It was for rehabilitation and injury prevention purposes.

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We feel that everyone needs to feel comfortable in their exercise environment and we do our best to create it.

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