Elsabe Lettenga

Pilates Trainer
Phone: 082 555 7636
E-mail: elsabe@pilatesatmyplace.co.za

Elsabe Lettenga started studying at University of Stellenbosch, there she did BA Sport science in 2006 and in 2010 did her hons in Pediatric Sport science.

In 2008 she did her Pilates course through the University under Patrica Lamond our course leader. She also obtained numerous workshops, which include Ball & band workshop, Pilates for kids, Foam roller, theraband and Pregnancy Pilates.

Elsabe started to work for Adele Smuts in 2010 which lasted 4 years until she decided to sell the business in 2014. Now Elsabe is the Happy owner of Pilates at my Place.